Keyboard symbols meanings in asus laptops. "4", "$" and new rupee symbol. What do the arrow keys (with blue symbols) in the bottom right corner under the shift key on dell latitude d630 do? it worked fine then bad? How to i change the blue symbols on my laptop keyboard? * If you want to get ascii characters on your laptop keyboard the easy way, just click here. Ever wonder how to get those special blue characters on your laptop keyboard? How do you make a turkey with keyboard symbols on the computer? whereas both the symbols are there with 4 and 5 keys. how do i reset it? The result is like this: ². My keys keys change to function keys whiles am typing and i always have to press the shift and control key to bring it back to normal . - ... How do you change the symbols on a keyboard from the blue keys to the white keys.... currently can not use the question mark symbol? Community Experts online right now. My keyboard is messed up when i hit numbers the symbols come up etc? What do the keyboard symbols mean on my asus? Computer type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model custom CPU Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3 GenuineIntel ~3401 Mhz Motherboard Asus H87-Pro Memory 32 GB Graphics Card(s) ATI Radeon HD 7970 6GB Hard Drives SATA only 2 x 3 TB as RAID 1 = C:, D: 3 TB = E: 3 TB = F: Keyboard Logitech K800 (cordless) Mouse Logitech G700s (cordless) Internet Speed i know if i hold left shft ctrl, then toggle r shft, i can switch between? I am using a laptop incase u want to know.My laptop … For example, long-press the e to find the accented e characters. You can change active keyboard layouts by clicking the language icon in the taskbar (See Step 2.) To get these blue characters, press ctrl + Shift as illustrated below: After clicking ctrl + shift (once), you get the special characters illustrated below: After clicking ctrl + shift once more (or twice if you're starting from scratch), you access the characters you see below. My HP Pavilion laptop did not come with any instructions from Hewlett-Packard specifically to do with the keyboard, so I had to experiment with the keys and have come up with a more comprehensive guide to these special blue keys. This adds the keyboard layout to your list of available keyboard layouts. what do the symbols mean? with the AskMeFast community and